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new man in town

i’ve met someone. he arouses me. i’ve known him for a long time but have just recently met him. and for the past 2 months he has been engaging me, building something he wants and which he believes will be … Continue reading

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back, the fuck, down

i was pissed off today by someone i haven’t spoke to or had any contact with in several years. i have purposefully stayed away from something which is important to me, because she is there. and she is lying. she … Continue reading

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Marital improvements

My husband is trying. And by trying I mean full court press of shit he should have done over the last 20 years, kind of trying. As in little surprises and doing some thoughtful things because he’s heard me say … Continue reading

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i’ve been ‘dead’ again. sorrowful and stale. unable to progress. stalled. not caring. comfortably numb. i’ve retreated, even from myself. i don’t want to be involved with anyone. not a lover, not a spouse, not a friend, not myself. i … Continue reading

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how to love

the thing is, no one said when you love someone, it must be returned. it certainly have to be returned in equal measure. there is this magical idea of what should happen with emotions and when it fails to occur, … Continue reading

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spousal support

it’s funny how your brain filters events and emotions in your life. unable to shut down, awake all night, then waking up after an hour from an insane nightmare of sudden floods and drowning puppies with someone picking them up … Continue reading

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people annoy me

i am so tired of stupid people. are there more of them around or is my tolerance at an all time low? i’m irritated. persnickity. moody. annoyed. i am probably coming across as short tempered. which i am. because it … Continue reading

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old lover new role

i often wonder why you still want to maintain a relationship with me after getting exactly what you were looking for by being with someone else. i know we ended as the result of a misunderstanding. you’ve told me multiple … Continue reading

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changing choices

sometimes i think we become so deaf to listening to the little whispers we hear from our soul, that when it starts to shout at you, our first reaction is distress and disappointment instead of acceptance and gratitude. we forget … Continue reading

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service station

Skirt sniffing muff chasing opportunistic men Circling like sharks for first bite of fresh meat Offering their kind services of clinical insertion Because ejaculate has no conscience or heart

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