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unexpected presents

i sat quietly, listening intently to the things he was saying, staring directly into his eyes, as he made a play for my time and attention. he had started off quite confident, bold and very much in control and the … Continue reading

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salty service

beautiful man. get down on your knees and serve me. as i throw my hair back over a wet and salty shoulder, i place my hand upon your head in beatification and close my eyes as i raise my face … Continue reading

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Shut up Just fuck me Get behind me and pull up my skirt I want the sound of your bag slapping my ass To deafen me I want the squelching wet noise Of a cum filled pussy To fill the … Continue reading

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dance for me

The base was reverberating through my skin to make my very bones feel the throbbing of the music. My gyrations were matching the pounding of the drums. Arms raised over my head, slowly lowering, one at a time, to touch … Continue reading

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