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needing him

i can’t help it. he is the single male creature on the planet who makes me insanely excited simply because i read a message he sent. when i look at his face, everything melts and lights on fire. my nerves … Continue reading

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salty service

beautiful man. get down on your knees and serve me. as i throw my hair back over a wet and salty shoulder, i place my hand upon your head in beatification and close my eyes as i raise my face … Continue reading

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wanton dreams

i wake up agitated, well past the midnight hour, feeling the heavy arousal my vivid dreams stirred within me. leaving me frustrated from my body’s betrayal at waking me up, taking me away from him and leaving me longing for … Continue reading

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shots fired

I’m your sugar rush. The slice of pie with whipping cream. The perfect golf swing. You want me because nothing else compares to how I get inside of your mind and manipulate your lustful body. That sweet, perfect, hard body. … Continue reading

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lustful look

My look says climb up and onto my back Like a stallion does to his mare Force me to present myself to your lust I want to feel your massive body trembling Your furred loins covering my own As the … Continue reading

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peace of mind

i’ve written hundreds of emails i never sent. i’ve written poetry about how i’ve lusted after your body. i’ve written heartfelt diatribe about how i feel about you and how conflicted i am about it, even while understanding so clearly … Continue reading

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glossed lips

i need to tease you mercilessly; until your balls ache and you have to adjust yourself in a very public venue. i want you so aroused by the very idea of me that every time you get an erection, you instantly think … Continue reading

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sexual currents

i’m helpless when you touch me and it’s hopeless to think that will ever change. it’s like an electric trickle is being run through our point of contact and i can feel the vibrations of it course through my body, … Continue reading

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white cotton briefs

god… it’s so absolutely, perfectly, brilliantly deliciously divine, seeing a well endowed man in his cotton underwear. seeing the plain of his stomach, the slightly increasing fur as it disappears downwards into the band. the delineation, the curves, the swelling … Continue reading

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sex talk

tiny charges of electrical pulse tickle my stomach ending up between my thighs even as the tightening of my nipples register that i have heard your voice. chills course along my spine, clenching my ass as i spasm around your … Continue reading

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