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undiagnosed exhaustion

i vacillate between believing I have un-diagnosed health issues which are impacting me in several ways or i am a hypochondriac with far too much access to web md. cognitively, i am aware of my body, what ‘normal’ feels like. … Continue reading

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emotional fog

after an emotional expenditure, i am completely and utterly exhausted. my brain can not handle it and i completely shut down. unable to function, i could easily sleep for 20 hours be awake for 1 and sleep again for 15. … Continue reading

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dirty day dreams

I am playing in the dirt, to ensure I stay out of trouble I am tending to my garden, instead of illicit relationships I am sore from physical activity and not from sexual release I work until exhaustion and blisters … Continue reading

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cause and effect

When you feel sad It exhausts you By wringing your soul To close your eyes

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