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shards of sand

things are not as they should be as i want them to be or need them to be i have no desire to fix it or break it i’ve tried so hard to walk away, move on i’t’s been years … Continue reading

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so long, farewell, adieu

i want to be mad at you but am not. still. you suck. it’s broken my heart. lack of contact says everything that needs to be said and i understand. i deleted an entire page of all the other stuff … Continue reading

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Truth: broken heart

it hasn’t been depression I have been struggling with, just the natural pains of a shattered heart trying to mend itself.

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TRUTH: when you read it

Most people do not fall out of love, they are pushed

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My heart was broken by a player And now I sit sidelined, injured On the reserved list Unsure of when, or if, I’ll be called up again I am an unknown prospect Perhaps a liability There is definite interest from … Continue reading

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cause and effect

When you feel sad It exhausts you By wringing your soul To close your eyes

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not seeing him

i blew him off.. pretended like it was nothing its fucking huge i can’t stand how i feel how much i want him, need him how he isn’t mine never was i’m sick with it knowing i am pushing him … Continue reading

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