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seasonal sidelines

after all these years and unresolved issues. knowing that you will never communicate with me as i need you to. seeing you make the choice to put your mother before me, year after year, by abandoning me physically and emotionally. … Continue reading

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shards of sand

things are not as they should be as i want them to be or need them to be i have no desire to fix it or break it i’ve tried so hard to walk away, move on i’t’s been years … Continue reading

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new man in town

i’ve met someone. he arouses me. i’ve known him for a long time but have just recently met him. and for the past 2 months he has been engaging me, building something he wants and which he believes will be … Continue reading

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he is who i know him to be

i know he’s no good for me. i know i am nothing to him. i am more than aware of all his failings and inability to have a authentic relationship because of his past and his unresolved pain which he … Continue reading

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strong enough to leave

i miss your heavy hands. confident in their touch. knowing what pleases me. i know you are bad for me. it’s why i don’t pretend what we had was real. but i know. in my heart i know. you are … Continue reading

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reply to scifriedlv426

I’ve had a comment on my post The Forced Affair, that I want to take some time to reply to. He self identifies as “a coddled mama’s boy who feels inadequate, a (victim) of childhood abuse and self hate (who) feels alone … Continue reading

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the forced affair

the mistakes you make on purpose, push me away; making it impossible for me to resist the hands you are blind to, pulling me away from you. all you want from me is comfort in the role of substitute mother, … Continue reading

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days later

days later and i still feel the ache of you between my thighs and it hardens my nipples every time i shift in my seat, as tender flesh is pulled and supple skin awakes to the remembrance of a tender … Continue reading

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use me hard

i was waiting for him, naked in bed, when i heard him come into the house, by the unlocked front door. he took off his shirt. he undid his pants. his erection was tenting the boxer briefs. i’ll never get … Continue reading

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inside his head

the other men in my life. the nameless faceless men. the ones who provide sexual succor and comfort. they who ease the aching loins and kiss the fevered lips. the men who get the tingle of an erection and remember … Continue reading

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