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i am an addict to his sex

you are like the used and dirty needle that multiple addicts have injected themselves with until the edge was so ragged and blunt, they finally discarded it along with the other debris which collects along the creases and cracks of … Continue reading

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write then paste

you know when you write something absolutely brilliant which simply flows with beautiful ease and exposes a glimpse of your soul so you feel a sense of prideful accomplishment even as you are reading it back to yourself and then … Continue reading

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finding the words

i found a book i used to write in, filled with 25 year old ideas and commentary about the world and my life’s situations. i don’t even remember who i was then, so the words are as foreign to me … Continue reading

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lost inside myself

i lose my inspiration and abstract ways of writing when i have spent a lot of time producing material for the real world. the professional me, the organized me, the rational and the fact based me pushes the artistic me … Continue reading

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