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paint by numbers artist

posting it on facebook does not make you an artist. you do not get to state that you are a freelance photographer simply by virtue of taking pictures of shiny lights in big cities, at night. seriously, there is no … Continue reading

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obviously oblivious

One of the loneliest feelings in the world is when someone who is supposed to be your partner asks you ‘what’s wrong’ with attitude and disdain in the hours after learning of a personal tragedy and death of a close … Continue reading

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… as a woman, if you do not feel sexually replete days later, after a sexual encounter with your lover; my darling, you have not been with the right man.

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Truth: reigniting an old flame

I don’t believe I will ever be over him, so I may as well be under him

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truth: paths change

discovering you are lost gives you the potential to find yourself again so it’s never a wasted journey

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truth: under 6 inches

…the only time i get excited by seeing anything under  6 inches is when it’s in reference to accumulated snowfall…

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defining love

Reciprocated love is a defining point in time that can be found or re-visited by the people who are connected through it. It exists as an event, appearing as a mutual action instead of a fleeting emotion. Pain, anger, hurt, … Continue reading

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what sex means

the perfection of two bodies joining together..the brilliant pleasure and infinite simplicity of the sexual act, is simply natures way of reminding you that you also have a soul which can be touched as well.

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truth: if

…a world of missed opportunity lay in the singular word of ‘if’

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truth: baby’s point of view

the most beautiful sound on earth, is that of a baby’s laughter the most beautiful sight, is watching their amazement at ordinary things which to their new eyes, are simply remarkable and astounding it reminds you to see things that … Continue reading

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