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aren’t we naughty

8 glorious and beautiful inches. thick. pink skinned translucence. baby blue roped veins. the perfect indentation before the lovely swollen helmet. the heart shaped crevice which begs for attention. begs. it’s slight arch simply highlights the perfect engineering of it’s … Continue reading

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adult toys

You stand sentinel between my splayed thighs By the dim light of the bedside table you turned on Intensely watching the suctioning of my swollen vulva As it grasps the black dildo you are feverishly using Thrusting and pounding it … Continue reading

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new ride

i don’t need you anymore. i’ve decided to ride something bigger, with more stamina, more power and far easier to handle. the newest toy for between my thighs, comes with a much larger battery and requires 2 hands to use, … Continue reading

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