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craven desire

there are times i crave punishment. when i want you to almost hurt me. when i want the pounding of your cock to be fierce and violent as you pin me down and make me take it, take you, take … Continue reading

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a taste of me

sensuality connects us in our frail human form. senses stimulated by the strength of touch or  grasp, perhaps even something as benign as the tickling breeze on the back of your hand, is enough to  bring the flush of longing; of emotional … Continue reading

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truth: when submission hurts

A dominant personality does not easily succumb to anything or anyone, in any situation or under any circumstance; so when it happens, that is in itself a reward to the person who has orchestrated it.

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geisha bound

i didn’t shave my legs today, have not shaved them in about 10 winter days, in fact. only today it was not done on purpose. i wanted to. i wanted to smooth them and lotion myself up with oils and … Continue reading

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Superficial Innocence

The answer, my Dear Will Crimson, to your very evocative reply on my Patio Season… I watch you watching me, as lust runs rampant across your face like the disturbance of maggots over rot. You scan my attributes and I … Continue reading

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