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tired x173

tired to the power of 27. physically i am pushing myself. thanking mid life and female hormones for believing i need as much padding as possible. i should be grateful. in times of famine, my incredibly adaptive body is designed … Continue reading

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sexual frustrations

the sexual frustration i am experiencing is not assuaged by manual stimulation, not penetrative toys, not oral stimulation leading to orgasm. all are temporary release of the pressure, but the build up of needs behind it, remain and continue to … Continue reading

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taste me, touch me, leave me

the taste of me is thickly smeared all over your goatee and moustache so that when your lips smash against mine, demanding, pushing, forcing response,  the heady scent of female musk and juices slide silkily all over my full lips, … Continue reading

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nipple blending

how bored are you today? According to the experts, your nipple color is apparently your perfect lipstick shade  for your skin tone. needless to say, ive downloaded the Behr paint app to my smart phone, uploaded my nipple, and now … Continue reading

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craven desire

there are times i crave punishment. when i want you to almost hurt me. when i want the pounding of your cock to be fierce and violent as you pin me down and make me take it, take you, take … Continue reading

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rubbing one out

the loud and bawdy sound of male laughter, which could be heard over the drone of saws and the pounding of hammers against wood, was right outside my bedroom door, where i lay naked on top of my incredibly soft … Continue reading

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sexual distraction

as i typed the first few sentences of an article i am composing, all i could think of was this is not what i wanted to be doing at this moment. flashing in my mind was a series of naked … Continue reading

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sick. i can’t actually complain as it happens so rarely…every 2-3 years or more. so when i go down, i go down hard. and i’m a horrible sick person. i don’t get to not cook or clean or just lounge … Continue reading

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women’s fragrance

i can’t say I am surprised at the number of men sniffing at my skirts and scenting the humid air, as the musky female scent of my damp body reaches them. there is something to be said about pheromones and … Continue reading

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a mans facial hair

there is something that happens to me on a biological level when  i see a man sporting, not just a goatee, but a full fledged lumberjack, groomed beard,  it’s shocking. it’s bold. it’s titillating. it makes me feel naughty and … Continue reading

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