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pissy moods are created

let me start off by saying, i fucking hate stupid people. i hate entitled people. i hate people who are bullies. i hate people who are fine when they get their way and lose their fucking minds when they don’t. … Continue reading

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empty people

let’s be clear. i don’t like you. i don’t really care if you have situational issues or there are life circumstances which make you act how you do. you are clearly not simply having another of multiple bad days. your … Continue reading

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paint by numbers artist

posting it on facebook does not make you an artist. you do not get to state that you are a freelance photographer simply by virtue of taking pictures of shiny lights in big cities, at night. seriously, there is no … Continue reading

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rant: marriage, renovations and divorce

let’s be clear: i don’t like you. i think you are a worthless excuse for a man and have absolutely no ambition, no drive, no sense of pride or responsibility for yourself or for your family. you do shit work. … Continue reading

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rant: fur babies

oh. my. god. if one more ‘adult’ compares their owning a freaking PET as being equal in ANY way to that of being a PARENT, I am going to blind myself so I never have to read the vomit of … Continue reading

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Rant: choosing to not vaccinate

Getting a vaccination does NOT mean you will be immune if exposed to the disease, it simply improves the chances dramatically. For instance, in 100 people who have been given the mumps vaccine, on average, only 12 of them may … Continue reading

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rant: unreasonable anger

you know you’re angry when you type like you’re trying to drive the keys through the back of the keyboard and consider the fact that you may break the stupid computer worth the price of venting your frustrations. frustrations. funny … Continue reading

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Rant: real estate and relationships

This is just another reminder of the reason that I will never, as long as I draw breath, accept, or even IMAGINE having THAT WOMAN in my life. Years ago,my spouse called his father and told him our family would … Continue reading

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RANT: negative extended family

un-fucking-believable The absolute ignorance and pettiness of my extended family will NEVER cease to amaze me. You know when you ‘think’ you get it? When you ‘think’ you understand, you accept the quirks and the back handedness and veiled insults … Continue reading

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rant: vitriolic virtues

patience …for fuck sake … i need it i’m so glad i shared my son’s story with you so that you could steal his diagnosis to cover up your fucking pathetic hypochondriac need to be the center of attention because … Continue reading

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