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so tired

have you ever been so tired that you feel like you are taking it to a whole new level?

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obviously oblivious

One of the loneliest feelings in the world is when someone who is supposed to be your partner asks you ‘what’s wrong’ with attitude and disdain in the hours after learning of a personal tragedy and death of a close … Continue reading

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work it out

there is no greater way to achieve peace of mind, than to wear your body out through exercise.

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Truth: reigniting an old flame

I don’t believe I will ever be over him, so I may as well be under him

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Quote: what ifs

Nothing is more frightening than what our imagination comes up with, when we think about the ‘what ifs’ of what ‘might have’ happened.

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lest ye be judged

Your power of judgement holds no weight against my soul as your opinion is as irrelevant and inconsequential as watering a lawn on a rainy day.

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quote: making peace

i make peace in my marriage, not love

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Quotes I live

Courage is the price that life extracts for granting peace ~Amelia Earhart~ What I do and how I live, is not extrordinary, but simply a product of searching for peace

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