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awaken the dawn

when laying in bed, the window to my left, faces the sunrise. weather being what it is, it is not often i am greeted by the retreating grey dawn as the blues, golds, pinks and shades of morning over take … Continue reading

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morose muse

i used to be beautiful. before i cared about loss, letting go and moving on. vibrant and earthy, i cherished life and expression. until i sank into the putrid stench of self protection. the sun is not brilliant. day is … Continue reading

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stand and deliver

there is something primitive and earthy about seeing a cock stand it’s beautiful and engineered for inspiring a robust response to those who are beloved of the simple arch of its erection

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hidden beach

How have you touched me as I wander distant shores Bathed in the sunshine and feet in the sand How is it that your shadow is cast upon my back As I swirl eddies of turquoise Caribbean waters About my … Continue reading

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make me hummmmm

when you are behind my wide, round ass when you are between my full, spread thighs when you kiss my wet and swollen, parted lips with the scent and taste of myself lingering you think i’m being such a dirty girl … Continue reading

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lustful look

My look says climb up and onto my back Like a stallion does to his mare Force me to present myself to your lust I want to feel your massive body trembling Your furred loins covering my own As the … Continue reading

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ashes to ashes

how can i bare the absent weight of the hand i dream of touching me until i surrender my memories linger on the softness of my female responses to his pressure his lips consume and devour me after his eyes … Continue reading

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I remember the clench of your buttocks As you thrust your hips forward into me Knowing their shape and muscle definition Having traced them intimately with my hands Kissed the firm contours with my lips And dragged my tongue over … Continue reading

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good morning

drink me like a warm cup of your favorite fragrant tea with the warm scent of my bouquet wafting upwards in the still air of the morning as you lower towards me closing your beautiful eyes to heighten your other … Continue reading

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forced orgasm

No, I whispered Please, No I begged you to stop Be tender Touch lightly Slow down Don’t Stop But you didn’t Wouldn’t Refused to stop Forced me Pushed my response Needed my surrender Demanded I comply To the pleasure Until … Continue reading

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