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a childless mother

15. you should be sneaking out, going to the 7-11 and buying nachos and getting that horrible slurpie stuff in a mop bucket when they have the ‘fill up anything’ promotion. you should be hanging out in the rec room … Continue reading

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premature loss

All mothers share with certain knowledge, that the unimaginable pain of holding a premature, newly born baby, as its fragile, perfect body, loses its fight to stay alive. That the grief of that loss, the loneliness that it wrenches from … Continue reading

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autism milestones

The Autism spectrum is like viewing the changes of color inside of a rainbow. Everything blends together, so that nothing is truly distinct or separate. Minute changes, refract light differently, dramatically changing the outcome of any given situation.  Along the … Continue reading

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complicated families

we all have our version of dysfunctional families. we all live lives where we hide pieces of ourselves from others, so we filter what they see and how they perceive us. we’ve learned along the way that there are those … Continue reading

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suffer the little child

i was 5 years old and my Nannie was cuddling me on a twin bed, reading me another story. i am positive she read me hundreds of pages because that is the sole memory I have of her, reading chapter … Continue reading

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pieces of pieces

The problem with being an adult with residual emotional trauma, is when you are broken into pieces as a child, and you think you have found someone to help pull yourself back together once you’ve grown up, then discover that … Continue reading

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That is the number of times you get to hit me I will pick my crumpled self up from the floor And away from the solid bruising of the wall Stand on shaky legs and turn my tear stained face … Continue reading

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neglect trumps abuse

When you are repeatedly hurt as a child It forces you to retreat inside of your head You fiercely protect the ember of your soul You bury it deeply inside of a shrivelled heart Refusing to weep and bring her … Continue reading

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Parenting a child with Aspergers who has a high pain tolerance

The issue with many Aspie kids is that the ‘idea’ of pain is worse than actually ‘having’ pain; because their pain threshold is so high , they can be seriously injured and not be able to express it as ‘I … Continue reading

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Parenting through Aspergers and Encopresis

Aspergers is a diagnosis that, like anything else, exists on a bell curve of symptoms and severity. It rarely exists as a solo diagnosis and oftentimes has multiple issues overlapping, which leaves parents, siblings and caregivers at a loss for … Continue reading

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