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winter is back

Winter You offend all my sensibilities Icy Wind hurts exposed bare skin Darkness Crashes against my back Knocking Me into a breathless depression Bare And lonely tree limbs rattle Heavy Temporary pristine snowfalls Turn To a dirty grey and hardened … Continue reading

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dawns light

i opened the curtains before i went to bed so this morning i woke up as the sun rose dawn tipped its pale light above the dark horizon of trees filtered through cloud and curtain to gently stir me through framed casement … Continue reading

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over exposure

I live in the city but have filled my yard with fruit trees and fruit shrubs and 1/4 of the backyard is a vegetable garden. So after mowing the front yard and boulevard, then coming into the backyard, i changed … Continue reading

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delayed spring

there are no flowers, no leaves the grass is just starting to change the dead browns finally giving way buds are desperately fattening only on protected south facing walls April has been barren and cold the month where winter pushed … Continue reading

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