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back, the fuck, down

i was pissed off today by someone i haven’t spoke to or had any contact with in several years. i have purposefully stayed away from something which is important to me, because she is there. and she is lying. she … Continue reading

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i don’t care

there is no music in my soul. i’ve been grey and sad for a long time now. my last hurt, hurt me deeply and it seemed to sever the little strand i had held onto, that kept me hopeful, that … Continue reading

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Adult Onset Aspergers

I believe I have AOA – Adult Onset Aspergers. I find the older I get, the more I have to almost physically restrain myself from calling people fucking assholes, when they act like it or calling them some special kind … Continue reading

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pieces of pieces

The problem with being an adult with residual emotional trauma, is when you are broken into pieces as a child, and you think you have found someone to help pull yourself back together once you’ve grown up, then discover that … Continue reading

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when mental illness kills

ok fine. I AM angry and trying not to be. Anger is futile and masks fear and frustration. I am not angry at the person. because when people make a choice, you have to accept it whether you agree with … Continue reading

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drinking death

have you ever been so ‘tired’ that the word doesn’t seem right when you use it as a vague description of your current state of being? it’s not even being exhausted. maybe bone weary is a better way to express … Continue reading

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bipolar line drive

i have a family member (actually a few) who is bipolar. it’s not hard to tell when she goes off her meds because she literally loses her fucking mind. i’ve grown up with this person on the periphery of my life … Continue reading

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depression, regret and almost living

regret is a wasted word. it serves no purpose. you can not change what was. you simply move forward. what’s to regret anyway? experience? life choices? personal accountability? i don’t regret, i can’t. yet i think about alternate outcomes. the … Continue reading

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avoiding the mental illness issues

Illness is big bigness and it generates a lot of revenue for Government, yet mental illness is something that is consistently ignored. Because our country is guilty of outsourcing a vast portion of jobs, which used to support the middle … Continue reading

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