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His little attempt at masterbation

His penis is lost inside his hand, as he rubs his well formed head against the slit of ripened peach between my shapely thighs. Moments later, the searing heat of his ejaculate floods over the bountiful valley of my sex, … Continue reading

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rubbing one out

the loud and bawdy sound of male laughter, which could be heard over the drone of saws and the pounding of hammers against wood, was right outside my bedroom door, where i lay naked on top of my incredibly soft … Continue reading

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rant: marriage, renovations and divorce

let’s be clear: i don’t like you. i think you are a worthless excuse for a man and have absolutely no ambition, no drive, no sense of pride or responsibility for yourself or for your family. you do shit work. … Continue reading

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accidental masterbation

the jerk of your cock as you masturbate against my swollen flesh, aroused me how long had it been since you last touched me in a sexual way? of course, you could not get hard enough to actually penetrate me … Continue reading

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remember me

I am the erotic thought that drifts across your restless mind Like a wispy cloud against the brilliant blue summer sky I am the heat of water sluicing across your naked back As you stand beneath the spray of your … Continue reading

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his voice

2 hours spent self pleasuring in the warm confines of my big bed so incredibly wet and aroused, swollen and aching with need nothing could bring me there, as long and hard as I pushed myself nothing until i remembered … Continue reading

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