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seasonal sidelines

after all these years and unresolved issues. knowing that you will never communicate with me as i need you to. seeing you make the choice to put your mother before me, year after year, by abandoning me physically and emotionally. … Continue reading

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failing at marriage

i spend half the time hating him and the other half feeling badly that he can’t be the man he thinks he should be and the one i would respect and want. i get brief glimpses of who he once … Continue reading

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strong enough to leave

i miss your heavy hands. confident in their touch. knowing what pleases me. i know you are bad for me. it’s why i don’t pretend what we had was real. but i know. in my heart i know. you are … Continue reading

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reply to scifriedlv426

I’ve had a comment on my post The Forced Affair, that I want to take some time to reply to. He self identifies as “a coddled mama’s boy who feels inadequate, a (victim) of childhood abuse and self hate (who) feels alone … Continue reading

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i like a boy

I’ve been so busy, I’ve had zero time for myself and that equates to lack of exercise and no time to write. Am I happy? No. Am I sad? No. I am Neutral positive. That means that as I go … Continue reading

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Marital improvements

My husband is trying. And by trying I mean full court press of shit he should have done over the last 20 years, kind of trying. As in little surprises and doing some thoughtful things because he’s heard me say … Continue reading

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the facebook block

i’ve blocked my spouse from facebook …again. he just frustrates me so much at times that i feel i can’t subject myself to that kind of explosive and instant anger he inspires in me. i tell him to not do … Continue reading

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excluded and wanted

so what I thought would be a 1 night meeting, casual, no commitment, no expectations, has resulted in communication and a 2nd meeting, which turned into an actual date. will it turn into anything? who knows. i don’t even care. … Continue reading

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things i don’t say

you are a fucking asshole and days like this remind me of why i hate you so much at times. you act like i don’t know what you are doing. yet it is the same song and fucking dance you’ve … Continue reading

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the evolution of cheating

after years of teaching, directing, guiding, asking, begging, lecturing and finally letting go of the idea of a monogamous marriage, to accept the reality that my husband has issues i can not touch as he will not admit to them or the … Continue reading

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