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shift work and shaft work

he said nothing as he slipped naked into my bed. i turned towards his cool body as his hands slid up my ribs to cup the heavy fullness of a breast, as he lifted it towards his eager mouth. his … Continue reading

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dreams of kissing

i dreamed of your lips last night.  viewing them from close to your face. i could see their full swell and fine lines. i could feel the softness of them as i rubbed my thumb across your bottom lip, watching … Continue reading

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the evolution of cheating

after years of teaching, directing, guiding, asking, begging, lecturing and finally letting go of the idea of a monogamous marriage, to accept the reality that my husband has issues i can not touch as he will not admit to them or the … Continue reading

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salty service

beautiful man. get down on your knees and serve me. as i throw my hair back over a wet and salty shoulder, i place my hand upon your head in beatification and close my eyes as i raise my face … Continue reading

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seeing his face

how many years has it been? and still when i see you my tummy rolls with the excitement of how beautiful you are. your hand on my knee sends shivers through me.  i talk too fast. and about random disjointed … Continue reading

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wanton dreams

i wake up agitated, well past the midnight hour, feeling the heavy arousal my vivid dreams stirred within me. leaving me frustrated from my body’s betrayal at waking me up, taking me away from him and leaving me longing for … Continue reading

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geisha bound

i didn’t shave my legs today, have not shaved them in about 10 winter days, in fact. only today it was not done on purpose. i wanted to. i wanted to smooth them and lotion myself up with oils and … Continue reading

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his image

i trace the memories of you like a fingertip following the swirls of oil on a beloved painting.

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peace of mind

i’ve written hundreds of emails i never sent. i’ve written poetry about how i’ve lusted after your body. i’ve written heartfelt diatribe about how i feel about you and how conflicted i am about it, even while understanding so clearly … Continue reading

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ashes to ashes

how can i bare the absent weight of the hand i dream of touching me until i surrender my memories linger on the softness of my female responses to his pressure his lips consume and devour me after his eyes … Continue reading

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