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perfect 9 inches

12 inches is too big for me, 6 inches just isn’t quite enough, 9 inches would be perfect. A 9 inch ham sub on whole wheat

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Adult Onset Aspergers

I believe I have AOA – Adult Onset Aspergers. I find the older I get, the more I have to almost physically restrain myself from calling people fucking assholes, when they act like it or calling them some special kind … Continue reading

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write then paste

you know when you write something absolutely brilliant which simply flows with beautiful ease and exposes a glimpse of your soul so you feel a sense of prideful accomplishment even as you are reading it back to yourself and then … Continue reading

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distracted when cooking

I’ve reached an age where I burn things on the stove. I simply forget that I am cooking as I move onto other tasks. It’s not until a pot boils dry and the scorched scent of burned food reaches my … Continue reading

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cough and cold season

chills and malaise have overtaken me, rendering me incapable of continuing to deny the obvious; I have a cold. As I don’t get them often, I find that having one feels rather horrid. Interestingly enough, as I was hacking up … Continue reading

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eating your feelings

Food will be the death of me. I’m sure it will raise my cholesterol to the point I have a heart attack from clogged arteries and veins unable to restrict themselves anymore. Food has been my emotional crutch since I … Continue reading

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