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the old continues into the new

the year of health issues has come to an end; of setbacks and being frozen in place. do i have a resolution? i don’t think so. the plan is to work closer with dr’s and naturopath’s to get my health … Continue reading

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late on purpose

thank you for the card you bought and left beside the bed, after i had left the room. you see i had thought you had forgotten until our son said Happy Valentines Day to me at 3:30pm and you had … Continue reading

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out with the old

it’s always been hard for me to look forward into the new year as i tend to reflect back on the old. as i get older, i find myself wondering where the year actually went, as time speeds up disproportionately. … Continue reading

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pieces of peace

i wrote a long post about Fathers day that turned into a pity party blame game and that’s not what i wanted to say. my father is dead. the journey between his cancer diagnosis and his death, left me with … Continue reading

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Irish Luck

this is the day that the lord hath made we shall rejoice and be glad in it consuming pints of Guinness along the way while wearing tight t-shirts stretched over racks showing off a magnificently round  pair of tits that … Continue reading

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2014 Summary

things didn’t totally suck this year and while i feel slightly ungrateful to not appreciate the relative stability, i also have to acknowledge that i purposefully stood still with my back to a wall, content to hide in the shadows … Continue reading

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memorable merry christmas

today was such a strange day for me in so many ways it was the best personal christmas i have had with my family in 6 years. i did not ache for my dead father who’s been absent these 5 … Continue reading

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running rooms

i’ve stepped outside my comfort zone and bought my lover gifts for christmas. he has money, so it’s not like monetary things mean anything to him, so i am hoping that he will understand the thought process behind what i … Continue reading

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Canadian Thanksgiving

You can’t miss it. Every grocery store is so packed that it feels like notification of an impending apocalypse was given. Every buggy is in use, every register is open, pumpkin pies are flying off the shelf, potatoes are on … Continue reading

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