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skull fucked up

as i turned away from him, i slid my hand down his chest, so it slid inside the front band of his underwear, feeling the softness of his short hairs as I grasped the band and used it to pull … Continue reading

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aren’t we naughty

8 glorious and beautiful inches. thick. pink skinned translucence. baby blue roped veins. the perfect indentation before the lovely swollen helmet. the heart shaped crevice which begs for attention. begs. it’s slight arch simply highlights the perfect engineering of it’s … Continue reading

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sounds like sex

the slippery sloppy slapping of your hand between my thighs as your fingers piston within the ever tightening vise of my body sounds like the squelching of bare feet inside of over sized wet galoshes

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Public Display of Arousal

You love being publicly teased and we both know that is what has fueled the fires of our flirting friendship for so many years. You like watching me dance and seeing other men notice me or make comments about how … Continue reading

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teasing you pleases me

i will kiss you until you can’t breath and your hips start their thrusting forward to create friction for your engorged cock i will suck your bottom lip, using my teeth and tongue, so all you can think about is … Continue reading

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raise me up

throw yourself down at my feet bury your head upon my lap inhaling my sweet female fragrance you are exactly where you belong using lips, hands, words and deeds to lift me up above all others as your worship places me … Continue reading

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