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undiagnosed exhaustion

i vacillate between believing I have un-diagnosed health issues which are impacting me in several ways or i am a hypochondriac with far too much access to web md. cognitively, i am aware of my body, what ‘normal’ feels like. … Continue reading

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sharing a body with a memory

without expecting them, he sent them. words. simple sentences which expressed longing, relayed the seasons greetings and expressed his preference to eat me rather than the turkey. and i respond with a sexual longing deep inside which radiates through my … Continue reading

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inner strength

inner strength. i have it. i’ve always had it. i first recognized it when i was around 4 years old. it only got stronger every time i was tested. i did not have a name for it until i was … Continue reading

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SO BUSY…yet so excited/happy. thrilled to get some wonderful news work related on something that has been taking up a lot of my time. now it’s off my plate and it means more money. gotta love when more education equals … Continue reading

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gynecologic health issue

i’m fine. and i will be fine. i have been going through some health issues for a while now and it’s sort of made me insular as i retreat inside of myself, dealing with the emotional aspect of what’s happening. … Continue reading

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lucid dreaming

when i was a kid, i thought everyone had dreams that were real, like i did. as a child it took years to figure out that other people dreamed in fragments, could barely if ever recall dreams and many only … Continue reading

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so tired

have you ever been so tired that you feel like you are taking it to a whole new level?

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we invent love

you never get the love you need. you get the love you are used to getting. if you haven’t been taught that reciprocated love, decent love, is normal, then you accept the version you adapted to, in order to mentally … Continue reading

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suffer the little child

i was 5 years old and my Nannie was cuddling me on a twin bed, reading me another story. i am positive she read me hundreds of pages because that is the sole memory I have of her, reading chapter … Continue reading

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heterosexual chameleon

i am a chameleon. a decidedly delicious, deviant and delightful sexual chameleon. i am not bi-sexual. i am heterosexual. and inside of that spectrum is a wonderful world of needs and wants, of desires and fetishes, of preferences and tantalizing … Continue reading

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