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undiagnosed exhaustion

i vacillate between believing I have un-diagnosed health issues which are impacting me in several ways or i am a hypochondriac with far too much access to web md. cognitively, i am aware of my body, what ‘normal’ feels like. … Continue reading

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back, the fuck, down

i was pissed off today by someone i haven’t spoke to or had any contact with in several years. i have purposefully stayed away from something which is important to me, because she is there. and she is lying. she … Continue reading

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sharing a body with a memory

without expecting them, he sent them. words. simple sentences which expressed longing, relayed the seasons greetings and expressed his preference to eat me rather than the turkey. and i respond with a sexual longing deep inside which radiates through my … Continue reading

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inner strength

inner strength. i have it. i’ve always had it. i first recognized it when i was around 4 years old. it only got stronger every time i was tested. i did not have a name for it until i was … Continue reading

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SO BUSY…yet so excited/happy. thrilled to get some wonderful news work related on something that has been taking up a lot of my time. now it’s off my plate and it means more money. gotta love when more education equals … Continue reading

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a.u.t.i.s.m. is a 4 letter word

3 consonants and 3 vowels, which added together, ruin your entire fucking day. let’s forget political correctness for a minute. i fucking hate autism. i hate my son when he is in a full blown melt down. i hate the … Continue reading

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gynecologic health issue

i’m fine. and i will be fine. i have been going through some health issues for a while now and it’s sort of made me insular as i retreat inside of myself, dealing with the emotional aspect of what’s happening. … Continue reading

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autism milestones

The Autism spectrum is like viewing the changes of color inside of a rainbow. Everything blends together, so that nothing is truly distinct or separate. Minute changes, refract light differently, dramatically changing the outcome of any given situation.  Along the … Continue reading

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lucid dreaming

when i was a kid, i thought everyone had dreams that were real, like i did. as a child it took years to figure out that other people dreamed in fragments, could barely if ever recall dreams and many only … Continue reading

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so tired

have you ever been so tired that you feel like you are taking it to a whole new level?

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