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complicated families

we all have our version of dysfunctional families. we all live lives where we hide pieces of ourselves from others, so we filter what they see and how they perceive us. we’ve learned along the way that there are those … Continue reading

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When to leave a marriage

It’s bullshit to say that someone can’t ruin your day. That a person can decide to take the high road and get over it and not allow someone’s actions to tarnish an otherwise perfectly fine day. That’s a wonderful ideology, … Continue reading

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the truth about Erectile Disaster

erectile dysfunction. nothing says i am not attracted to you, i don’t want to have sex with you, more than seeing your partners soft cock in the middle of a sexual liason. yayaya i know the reasons; medical issues, it … Continue reading

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why did I stay?

Why has my spouse refused to listen to me about the decline of our marriage and our horribly negligent sex life? The answer is simple. Because I have stayed, it means I was not serious. Some men actually need to … Continue reading

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notice of refusal

He refused to discuss our relationship, the sexual issues we have and the problems in the marriage. I tried several times, stating that I was once again at the point where I could no longer ignore him, ignoring me and … Continue reading

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Relationship require reciprocation

I have many links back to web sites that no longer exist and the content and reference point is lost to me and others reading my writing. I have decided to start including content in my posts, with links back … Continue reading

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marital affair

You are completely blind and deaf. You neither see nor hear what is being said and shown to you, day after day and year after year. Your willful blindness and dismissal of my needs and concerns, annoys me, no, it … Continue reading

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clarity of divorce

… there comes a time in a marriage that is struggling, that you realize that you DO want a divorce; when you realize that divorce is not just an ‘option’ or a ‘choice’ but an actual desire to BE divorced … Continue reading

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