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hot tub hot date

i sat naked in the hot tub, under the velvet black night star filled sky and i watched him get undressed, slowly peeling away his crisp shirt with french cuffs and dark dressy jeans. he watched me watching him, and … Continue reading

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skull fucked up

as i turned away from him, i slid my hand down his chest, so it slid inside the front band of his underwear, feeling the softness of his short hairs as I grasped the band and used it to pull … Continue reading

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aren’t we naughty

8 glorious and beautiful inches. thick. pink skinned translucence. baby blue roped veins. the perfect indentation before the lovely swollen helmet. the heart shaped crevice which begs for attention. begs. it’s slight arch simply highlights the perfect engineering of it’s … Continue reading

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adult toys

You stand sentinel between my splayed thighs By the dim light of the bedside table you turned on Intensely watching the suctioning of my swollen vulva As it grasps the black dildo you are feverishly using Thrusting and pounding it … Continue reading

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shaking thighs

when you touch me, so that i ache with need, burning for you and you gently force your hand between my shaking thighs so you can pump your fingers into my wetly sloppy cunt your muscles tense to hold your … Continue reading

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woman born and bred

i am so thankful i was born a heterosexual woman. that can i orgasm deep inside my body so that my organs can  feel the vibrations and surging waves of pleasure. i can feel my uterus contract. a deep twisting … Continue reading

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waste not, want not

There is no greater agony to a woman who loves a mans ejaculate , than to have him deny her the salt of his earth. The wash of womb in viscous seminal fluids burns with her primitive need to procreate, … Continue reading

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