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being judge and jury

you are absolutely right. i am judgemental. completely unapologetic and judgemental. you decided to drink, get into a car and drive, then hit an innocent family and kill little kids. you’re damn right, i judge you. you are an absolute … Continue reading

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grow up little girl

little girl. don’t fool yourself. he’s calling and texting. getting all up in your business because he wants to fuck you. nothing more. that man doesn’t want a relationship with you. he’s not interested in you or your problems. he … Continue reading

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reply to scifriedlv426

I’ve had a comment on my post The Forced Affair, that I want to take some time to reply to. He self identifies as “a coddled mama’s boy who feels inadequate, a (victim) of childhood abuse and self hate (who) feels alone … Continue reading

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Gay parents

A friends daughter married her girlfriend over the week-end and it made me think about how parents respond to the fact that their kids are gay. Most parents will universally agree that having kids is a defining moment in their … Continue reading

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my Achilles

he’s clearly been working out and has probably taken off 20lbs. he has always been muscular and toned but now he is sculpted. he is marble sheathed in bronze skin. when i look at him, my stomach drops, like a … Continue reading

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the non erection

as a woman, i place a great deal of importance on a mans state of erection, in knowing if he is aroused or not. foreplay serves to excite both people and when you feel a mans cock and he is … Continue reading

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write then paste

you know when you write something absolutely brilliant which simply flows with beautiful ease and exposes a glimpse of your soul so you feel a sense of prideful accomplishment even as you are reading it back to yourself and then … Continue reading

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toxic families

seriously. i am at  point where i can’t believe what other people think is acceptable. i am at the junction of ‘how they think they have the right to lash out and hurt others’ and ‘the ability to not give … Continue reading

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rant: marriage, renovations and divorce

let’s be clear: i don’t like you. i think you are a worthless excuse for a man and have absolutely no ambition, no drive, no sense of pride or responsibility for yourself or for your family. you do shit work. … Continue reading

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back home

He placed the pizza box on the top of the stove as I poured the wine into travel mugs I had just filled with ice. We were talking about his day and what had gone on with recent events in … Continue reading

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