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seasonal sidelines

after all these years and unresolved issues. knowing that you will never communicate with me as i need you to. seeing you make the choice to put your mother before me, year after year, by abandoning me physically and emotionally. … Continue reading

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undiagnosed exhaustion

i vacillate between believing I have un-diagnosed health issues which are impacting me in several ways or i am a hypochondriac with far too much access to web md. cognitively, i am aware of my body, what ‘normal’ feels like. … Continue reading

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being judge and jury

you are absolutely right. i am judgemental. completely unapologetic and judgemental. you decided to drink, get into a car and drive, then hit an innocent family and kill little kids. you’re damn right, i judge you. you are an absolute … Continue reading

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tired x173

tired to the power of 27. physically i am pushing myself. thanking mid life and female hormones for believing i need as much padding as possible. i should be grateful. in times of famine, my incredibly adaptive body is designed … Continue reading

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sexual frustrations

the sexual frustration i am experiencing is not assuaged by manual stimulation, not penetrative toys, not oral stimulation leading to orgasm. all are temporary release of the pressure, but the build up of needs behind it, remain and continue to … Continue reading

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taste me, touch me, leave me

the taste of me is thickly smeared all over your goatee and moustache so that when your lips smash against mine, demanding, pushing, forcing response,  the heady scent of female musk and juices slide silkily all over my full lips, … Continue reading

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nipple blending

how bored are you today? According to the experts, your nipple color is apparently your perfect lipstick shade  for your skin tone. needless to say, ive downloaded the Behr paint app to my smart phone, uploaded my nipple, and now … Continue reading

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waiting to wait

your eyes smile at me and i know you’ve missed me. i see you looking at me, searching with eagerness and discovering minute changes since our last encounter. i should feel something for you by now, but i don’t; not … Continue reading

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shards of sand

things are not as they should be as i want them to be or need them to be i have no desire to fix it or break it i’ve tried so hard to walk away, move on i’t’s been years … Continue reading

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out of the blue

my stomach dropped like it does when you are a little child and fall backwards while holding onto the chains of a swing as you pump yourself high into the air in a pendulum. i wasn’t even paying attention to … Continue reading

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