laundry day

the plan is to put the clean laundry, which I dumped out on my bed this morning, away; which will enable me to place the sun dried comforter back on the bed as well. Once all the stacked pillows get arranged and the incredibly soft throw blanket is strategically placed across the bottom at a jaunty angle, making the bed look all the more inviting, I’m going to ask you to come fuck me until the sheets are soaked and torn from the neat edges as my fingers clutch them during the series of multiple orgasms I know you’ll force upon me, so that I am rendered unable to coherently respond to anything but the sexual demands you’ll keep placing on me. The best part of clean sheets is making them smell like they’ve been well used.

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One Response to laundry day

  1. jono51 says:

    This is the part where the guy should say, “I’ll be right over.” Who wouldn’t?

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