glaring eyes mean anger

you save the best of who you are for anyone else and simply give me the garbage leftovers of your personality. it’s worse when i hear you being kind to others and then you turn around and are trite with me. i vacillate between feeling enormous affection for you and then hating your fucking guts. feeling both in equal measure and not quite understanding how to reconcile two polar feelings, often occurring within the same day. you’re under pressure. i know because i am the one you take it out on. god forbid you focus it towards the assholes that created it. they might do more than fight back verbally. you don’t react well when other people challenge you. you disappear as quickly as a melting ice cube under boiling water. you acquiesce to anyone who is clearly in the wrong and you take on their errors as your own. and then you blame me by trying to pick stupid fights over anything, because you failed to man up and stand your ground. and somehow that’s my fault. and because you know that I’ll stay. as mad as i get. as much as i hate you. i’ll stay. so you can treat me however you want and there are never any repercussions. my anger and feelings mean nothing to you. irrelevant. a bird doesn’t care if it shits in the grass.

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