distracted and unmotivated

distracted. i wish i could focus on a single thing and complete it. i’m torn between several urgent and must do things if i decided to prioritize them and quite frankly, I am at the point where i simply want to retreat and do nothing. it’s a horrible feeling, being our own worse enemy for time management especially when you are used to functioning at a much higher level. ultimately, i know why. and i know this will be another thing i shall push through and get past. but life would be better if it was fixed sooner. and i am tired of spending so much time in transition rather than simply enjoying the experience of what i’ve built. this cyclical event happens in May and June annually because if is the season of loss for me. too many memories and reflection on what might have been and people i miss. it’s funny how our minds tries to shield our hearts from hurting.

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3 Responses to distracted and unmotivated

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    It happens; sometimes, you can be rolling right along smoothly and efficiently… and then the wheels just fall off. Managing priorities can become so overwhelming that you don’t even wanna be bothered with dealing with them, let alone putting them into some workable order – you just wanna curl up in a ball and suck your thumb for a while.

    The good thing is that these moments eventually pass, we put the wheels back on, and off we go…

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