unexpected presents

i sat quietly, listening intently to the things he was saying, staring directly into his eyes, as he made a play for my time and attention. he had started off quite confident, bold and very much in control and the longer i sat, tilting my head on occasion, raising an eyebrow or slightly smiling, the more he changed his cadence of speech,  until i could tell i had him flustered and unsure of himself.

as his posture and tone changed, i shifted, leaning forward I raised my right arm, taking a fingertip and paced it off center on his bottom lip and slowly dragged it to the middle, pressing down so that his lip followed, slightly parting his lips to expose his teeth as he instantly became quite, eyes slightly widening. my finger, dragged downwards across the stubble on his chin and his lip flicked back with a suddenness which sparked deep interest and sudden desire into his eyes.

i smiled. “you talk too much for someone who’s done nothing to actually engage me with a reciprocal conversation. you’re either self centered or nervous. which is it.”  i could see him swallow, as his eyes moved from my lips to my eyes as indecision rippled across his face. I could see his expressive face battle with the desire to maintain a pretense or be honest and it made me laugh out loud; sultry, low and feminine, the kind of sensual chuckle women have when they know they’ve flexed their sexual muscles and a man has noticed.

as i leaned back into my chair, crossing my legs, which directed him to follow their movement, breaking contact with his face, he smiled widely, looking back up at me like a young boy who has just been given a very large ice cream cone. decision made, then. “you made me nervous because i couldn’t tell if you were interested and that doesn’t happen that often. my not knowing.”

“and now?” “and now I know you are. interested that is”.

I unfurled my legs, standing up slowly after leaning slightly forward giving him an innocent view of my cleavage beneath the scooped neckline of the sundress I was wearing;  getting very close to his wide chest and inside his personal space, to brush my breast against his side as I slowly passed to his left, my hand trailing from his shoulder to discretely capture his wrist and turn him with me as i walked between him and the mass of people surrounding us.

“let’s see how interactive your questions become in a more private setting”, i whispered into his ear, as i took the lead, pulling him behind me, not waiting to see how he would respond. i already knew. he’d do whatever it is i wished of him. he was neither comfortable with or confidant in, having control once he knew I was a dominant woman. it’s why i could fluster him in the first place.

he couldn’t see my smile, but i’m sure he could hear it in my voice. i’m positive none of the other parents noticed as we left the birthday party, swimming pool and bouncy castle in the backyard and around the side of the house, slipping quietly into the laundry room.

well, positive that none of the braying or shrieking wives did anyway, as it was only the side long glances of a few of the fathers I saw following us, underneath reflective sunglasses that were being adjusted, as they subtly shifted their bodies or leaned around people to keep me in sight, as I towed a towering man behind me and away from the mayhem of a busy birthday party.

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3 Responses to unexpected presents

  1. Marty says:

    Did anyone end up with a present? And if so, how was it unwrapped?

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