being judge and jury

you are absolutely right. i am judgemental. completely unapologetic and judgemental. you decided to drink, get into a car and drive, then hit an innocent family and kill little kids. you’re damn right, i judge you. you are an absolute piece of shit. 50 years in jail where you do hard physical labour until you die, would be too good for you. how about you? you speed to go through a red light, slam into 22 year olds car, breaking his arm, 4 ribs and his hip before his car is slammed into the bus shelter, critically injuring the 60 year old woman waiting on the bench inside. yeah. i judge you too. you are a fucking idiot who deserves to get both legs broken and then pay for the care of the people you injured until they heal and pay for the therapies they’ll need because you were an idiot. how about the absolute winners who leave their children in cars wile they go shopping. omg. if i hear about 1 more child who dies because a parent or caregiver forgets about them in a car, i am going to lose my fucking mind. i’m sick of mindless selfishness. sick of hearing about excuses and mitigating circumstances. stop it. if an eye for an eye was a thing, the world would NOT go blind, they’d be a hell of a lot more careful about the choices they make because what they do unto others will be done unto them.  you’re damn right i judge you because the current laws seem to have forgotten how to. darwinism isn’t working anymore because we are protecting people from their stupidity and the natural selection that would have prevented them from passing idiot genes forward into the next generation. darn right i judge.

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