tired x173

tired to the power of 27. physically i am pushing myself. thanking mid life and female hormones for believing i need as much padding as possible. i should be grateful. in times of famine, my incredibly adaptive body is designed to operate on 4 grains of rice and 11 leaves a day while gestating a fat and healthy off spring. incredible survival skills my DNA is hardwired for. i feel bad for all the skinny people who’s lineage will die if we have a nuclear winter or catastrophe. my family? we’ll thrive if we have an occasional cricket or june bug. my people will live forever. so i’m basically immortal, not chubby.

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3 Responses to tired x173

  1. tripx713 says:

    I never quite thought about it this way! Thank you!

  2. jono51 says:

    Joining the ranks of the immortals can be quite dull, actually. The excitement of impending doom always keeps the rest of us going. I’m sorry to tell you hat genetics is powerful stuff, but whether you think it’s nature or nurture, it’s always your parents fault.

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