sexual frustrations

the sexual frustration i am experiencing is not assuaged by manual stimulation, not penetrative toys, not oral stimulation leading to orgasm. all are temporary release of the pressure, but the build up of needs behind it, remain and continue to escalate the moment i am self aware again. my body aches for a man to use his cock to pleasure me in ways nothing else can measure up to. it’s a primitive longing, deep inside of the medulla oblongata and resides at the sensual core of who i am and how i define myself as a sexual creature. i fantasize about ejaculate. about the need for a man to lose himself inside of my body and bury his seed deep inside of me so that it’s heat is felt against my womb, long before glossing over my inner thighs. there is nothing more powerful than being completely taken by a man who needs your body to satiate his mind and soul.

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4 Responses to sexual frustrations

  1. Well spoken and intense…love it

  2. Marty says:

    There is nothing more empowering than taking a sensuous woman who has the need

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