failing at marriage

i spend half the time hating him and the other half feeling badly that he can’t be the man he thinks he should be and the one i would respect and want. i get brief glimpses of who he once had the potential to be. fleeting. they go before i can respect him and ages before i could ever fall in love again. i wish we at least had a physical relationship which made up for the lack of everything else, rather than contributing to the problems. one needs to feel passion and that you are desirable. otherwise you waste away into apathy and regret. when your spouse does not meet your needs, there is a veritable line up of available men who would like to take his place. and once you stop looking down from despair, you realize just how many of them are there and how easy it would be to say yes. yes to everything. especially because the man you are married to has proven that he completely fails at marriage 100 times a month.

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One Response to failing at marriage

  1. Jono says:

    There is a very similar thing between my wife and I.

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