craven desire

there are times i crave punishment. when i want you to almost hurt me. when i want the pounding of your cock to be fierce and violent as you pin me down and make me take it, take you, take everything. i want my mouth bruised as you crush me. i want your hand grasping my jaw, forcing me my lips forward so you can roughly kiss me, renting your thumb across the fullness of them, drawing them apart. i want my wrists grasped in one of yours, arms pulled over my head, exposing my breasts to your greedy eyes, as my back arches with your violent coupling.

i want you to make me mewl beneath you, to gasp on your withdraw and cry out when you violently enter me.  i want you to grasp my hips roughly and flip me over so that my wide white ass is presented fully as you grab handfuls of fleshy hips and use them to slam me back onto your engorged shaft, as you make me fuck you back. the hard wet slapping noise of sex sweat skin. the delicious suctioning as you piston your flesh inside of my swollen and slick pussy. i was born for this. this hard fucking to match your arousal. built for your bodys comfort, i am the soft delicious piece of ass you need to vent yourself upon. there are times i crave it.

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One Response to craven desire

  1. Marty says:

    This is what I live for!

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