act right

sick of idiot people saying idiotic things. people defending others who are violent and abusive because they want to bitch against law enforcement. you know what helps? not breaking the fucking law. try that. i am ALL for accountability. everyone’s actions matter. but there is a whole career sector made up of people who stand between the law abiding and those who consider themselves outside of the law. rules don’t apply to them. they get to do and say what they want regardless of who it hurts.

look at the relationship over the last year in chicago between the police and the public. massive sections of the city no longer have adequate police response. crime is skyrocketing because police are unwilling to be videotaped by the public while trying to do their jobs and be placed under scrutiny. in 2016, shootings up 130%. more than double the number of murders. street stops down 80%. arrests down 40%. Public scrutiny is intense and so police have backed out of those communities which harbour most of the criminal activities.

i support the military, the police, the fire, the emergency services personnel. i do not support people who break the law, regardless of who they are or what office or profession they hold. stupid people need readjustment. yet what about the law abiding people in the now under serviced communities? what about the people who kept their mouths shut and did not assist the police which made their jobs more difficult?  do they get what they deserve? what they in fact created by their silence?

when you have a violent person, attack a person, then when police come to arrest, they attack the police officer who arrives, punching them in the face multiple times, knocking them to the ground. then when the person is arrested and kicks out the side window of the Police car, attempts to flee, is taken down, then kicks another officer in the head, while spitting at everyone and finally when being restrained with cables, manages to bite yet a 3rd officer. bites hard enough that when they are tasered, they hang on and needs to be tazed a 2nd time to get them to let go, tell me HOW the harsh method the police are using to now subdue him are questioned?

do i think the man deserves to get a kick in the ribs, have his face planted on the pavement, knee in his back, while other officers arrive to get him under control being rough with him, because up until this point he has now assaulted 4 people and is fighting arrest so hard he had the strength to kick out a car window? yes. because i give NO shits about that assholes rights. none. he gave them up when he assaulted people and resisted arrest. if he wanted gentle and fair treatment then he should have avoided assaulting person #1 the officer who came to arrest him for it.

do you know how many people get hurt as innocent bystanders? a shit ton. if you don’t want to comply with police direction, then stay the fuck away from trouble and be law abiding. ta fuking da. lots of people do it every single day. and instead of filming what you think is an altercation? how about you actually get out from behind your viewfinder and assist with the situation? not all cops are bad. not all people are good. and there are people who are assholes everywhere. i’m just sick of them believing they have more rights than those of the people they’ve attempted to take them away from.

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2 Responses to act right

  1. ncfunluvin says:

    I am standing here clapping. Very well said. It disgusts me how society is now. It’s really not that hard to do what you are supposed to do. I don’t know the answer but I hope we can recover before it’s too late.

    • rougedmount says:

      My frustration level skyrocketed with comments from someone I believed simply to be uneducated. Turns out they were simply stupid and immature…and entitled. it absolutely floors me when the youth of the country believe shit when it is given to them, rather than taking a minute or two away from their video games, to investigate comments and learn what is going on in the world they live in! let it go. i’m having that tattooed on my forhead

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