a taste of me

sensuality connects us in our frail human form. senses stimulated by the strength of touch or  grasp, perhaps even something as benign as the tickling breeze on the back of your hand, is enough to  bring the flush of longing; of emotional and physical awareness to over sensitive skin. a body responding which is eager to respond. someone prepared to  experienced tactile sensations fully. this is what I give, this is what I seek.

moments can be intense or subtle.  interaction between bodies speaks multitudes. a side glance of approval, a delicate or soulful sigh; a slight smile with twitching brows. the downward casting of eyes, as the bottom side of a lip is secured between white teeth. the firm grasp of hair at the back of your head or hands at the base of the neck, elicits response. a shivery, delightful, response. the hand which drifts down the small of my back, to deftly trace the tops of cotton panties in a sensual manner. my attitude is conducive to sensual foreplay building and the foundation of sexual reciprocity.

i am feminine. sensually submissive by nature only when a man who is authoritative and assertive, has command over me. i am a treasured gift to be cherished. held against a strong chest or upon a knee. comfort and pet me. though beautiful in full form, my strength is my innate sensuality. beautiful, seductive and aware. verbal repartee leads to both physical and emotional intensity. appreciation for all i am comes over time when the fullness of my promise blooms with stable interaction. not all are good at being intimate. I am and so are you.


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One Response to a taste of me

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    Wow, you make my blood boil…

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