back, the fuck, down

i was pissed off today by someone i haven’t spoke to or had any contact with in several years. i have purposefully stayed away from something which is important to me, because she is there. and she is lying. she has issues which i consider clinical and they had gotten to the point, that i needed to avoid her. so discovering her again today, only to see she has escalated from where she was and has drawn a substantial number of people into her delusion, has massively alarmed and triggered me.

what she does and says actually has no impact on my direct life at the moment. but it does for many people who are marginalized and have no voice. so her complete fabrication of a life which is a lie, to gain attention and secure a social place for herself which feeds into her ideals of grandiosity, angers me. it’s evil. and today i gained massive clarification that while i have coped by ignoring her and retreating, i have handled it the wrong way.

today, i have made a choice to actually take her on. it means that there will be a direct confrontation at some point, roughly a year from now. i plan on building a case, writing and documenting what i need to and it will take a great deal of time to arrange. but i am also going to pro-actively reach out to a few of the groups who have bought her toxic cool-aide and swallowed it. and she will be righteously furious because the walls she has so carefully constructed will crash down around her head and bury her in the lies she used to build with.

she believes herself to be an advocate. a voice. and she is nothing more than a bag of un-diagnosed mental disorders. a woman who has made poor life choices, who has used people and has stolen proponents from other peoples lives to use as her own, because she has nothing of value to offer from herself. she is troubled. and until now, i have chosen to avoid her drama. but now her reach has spread and i refuse to let her get away with what she has. it ends. i’m ending it now. and i’m willing to accept whatever consequences that choice creates as there is too much at stake to let her continue as she is.

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  1. Donald Trump is a woman? Jeez, how many more secrets has he got?

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