rubbing one out

the loud and bawdy sound of male laughter, which could be heard over the drone of saws and the pounding of hammers against wood, was right outside my bedroom door, where i lay naked on top of my incredibly soft bamboo sheets. two inches separating the 6 men wearing tool belts, set at angles and low slung over hips, and the view of a naked woman, legs spread wide, ferociously using my feminine power tools on and in, my swollen clitoris and slicked quimm, as i fantasized about them coming through the door, hard cocks in hand to ravish me, leaving me quivering and soaked in the spunk of a hundred ejaculations and breasts bruised from the groping of 12 work roughened hands.

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One Response to rubbing one out

  1. Jeff P. says:

    Yeah… that’s pretty hot. If only they had an idea.

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