sharing a body with a memory

without expecting them, he sent them. words. simple sentences which expressed longing, relayed the seasons greetings and expressed his preference to eat me rather than the turkey. and i respond with a sexual longing deep inside which radiates through my limbs as awareness of things he’s done to me, comes flooding back in a rush of tingling urges and absolute arousal. my nipples hurt with their prolonged hardness and need to be suckled.

in the early morning hours where my sleep was changing with the rhythm of my body to awaken for the day, i reached for the man beside me, pressing myself against him as i grope in sleepy need, trying to fondle him, desperately searching out the male body i needed to assuage my desire. it wasn’t until my orgasm was upon me, that i was aware that the cock fucking me, was our marital dildo, and the man my husband, and not the lover i long for and left, so very long ago.

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5 Responses to sharing a body with a memory

  1. No words. But the way you wrote this I envisioned it. Word for word turned into a movie in my head. How are you feeling?

  2. little one says:

    When i was unhappily married and took a lover, this was always a shattering fear… 💜

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