awaken the dawn

when laying in bed, the window to my left, faces the sunrise. weather being what it is, it is not often i am greeted by the retreating grey dawn as the blues, golds, pinks and shades of morning over take my square of vision. so those rare mornings it happens, i lay abed, watching and marveling at the subtle changes which occur moment to moment.the incredible complexity of it and sheer beauty, pure in it’s absolute simplicity. the dawn sky, before it becomes morning, is the place of magic and hope; of inspirations and joy, a time that emotion washes over sleepy bodies and refreshed minds and allows you to feel a truer form of who we were meant to be, which connects us to the magnificent beauty of the world that we live in. how fortunate i am, that i was born and  have vision; for that and this morning, i am eternally grateful.

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