grande americano

how you kiss me is perfect; the combination of restrained power and the promise of demanding sensuality. you pull my hair and stroke loose tendrils away from my face and off my forehead. you kiss me like you want to consume me and are afraid to scare me away. you are tense with the withholding even as you gently pull me close with corded forearm muscles.

i kiss you until your entire focus is on what i am doing to your body. i can feel it. the hard throb pressing against my belly as your jeans get uncomfortably tighter. my hands wander over your muscled body, as they slip up and beneath your un-tucked shirt, as i melt against your hard chest. i can feel your entire abdomen ripple when you groan against my mouth before you bite my lip. the scratch of your whiskers has abraded my mouth, leaving them ripely swollen and reddened.

as we shift and part, your eyes glance to them as you say ‘jesus’ before dragging me back against you, hands in my hair and cupping my head before sliding down my body and around to my ass so that you are pressed against my heated center. ragged breathing. urgent pressing. needing more contact. we’re lost to the erotic awareness that consumes us as we kiss with the wild abandon of sexual chemistry.

the weight of my breasts are perfect in your large, work rough hands. thick thumbs flick over distended nipples, as you growl down my throat, realizing i am not wearing a bra. you don’t hurt me, but suddenly i am pulled and pressed, your mouth biting and kissing down my neck and over my clavicle bones, both hands cupping my breasts and squeezing them together, your mouth searching to latch onto one through the thin material of my shirt.

when your teeth raze one and fingers pinch the other, i arch and gasp. my hands reach forward and cup your engorged cock through the denim and you thrust your hips forward and into my palm. groaning, you come back to kiss me deeply; turning me so that we are pressed together once again from waist to chest and i can feel the pounding of your heart along with mine as our mouths find each other again.

kissing you is everything i remembered it to be. i ache with unsatisfied lust. i am perfectly aware of how suited we are sexually. you’ve told me how much you want me, how much i turn you one, how sexy i am. it makes me wonder what you’re going to do about it and when; as well as  how much people have seen while we said goodbye in the starbucks parking lot.

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