Canadian view of US election

To all Canadians in regards to the upcoming US elections, please remember, “not our monkey, not our circus” . We have no input about, no electoral representation, no need to comment on, how our neighbors and cousins, conduct their political business. The reality for Canadian’s is like knowing your neighbors are going through a bad divorce. No one is asking us to pick sides. No one cares whose side we are on. While they are splitting assets and deciding who gets to live in the marital home, Canadians will be notified who the sole neighbor will be, once all is said and done.

Are their Canadians who side with Trump? Who cares if they do. What about the staunch Clinton Canadian supporters? Could care less. Immature people like to believe they know more than others, that they gain credibility for choosing a winning side and it somehow raises their esteem in others eyes. Once you grow up, or medicate your psychological issues, you realize this is behaviour is unwarranted and pathological. Any Canadian spouting off an opinion about a US Presidential candidate is a mockery of our education system. My guess, is most of them wouldn’t be able to explain even in a rudimentary fashion about the electoral process or procedures.

And for a Canadian to feel threatened or marginalized by other Canadian commentators about the preference for or abhorrence against one side of the other, is the ultimate expression of narcissistic behaviour as your self importance does not actually impact the reality which the majority live as productive and functioning members of society. I don’t like your opinion because it differs from mine and so you are a threat to my personal and mental safety, is ludicrous. You. Are. Not. Involved. So get over yourself and grow up.

The Americans will be voting who they want to represent them. The majority vote does not necessarily reflect the majority of the people. Take a class or two about the American political system, read a few books about it. Take a few economic and political science classes to discover how American elections actually work as it is very different than the Canadian one. After the elections, Canadians will discover the results of the change of US representation via economic means as business opportunities and relationships are changed or created. American politics don’t actually mean anything to us a nation.

The majority of Canadians could care less who is in office as long as a stable political platform is maintained so that your country, as well as our own,  can remain economically viable because of the incredibly close ties we share. Like any neighbor watching the bad divorce happen, we just want it over with, we want you to eventually get along with each other, so we can go back to enjoying our holidays without wondering who is going to throw the next shoe or do something spiteful to the common property.

Besides, we have our own monkeys to deal with up here.

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