pissy moods are created

let me start off by saying, i fucking hate stupid people. i hate entitled people. i hate people who are bullies. i hate people who are fine when they get their way and lose their fucking minds when they don’t. i hate people who are only nice when you are doing things for them and then their true colors show through when you put your foot down and change the rules about how often you give of yourself.

assholes. ass shats. fuckers.

over the last few years i have been sliding down an incline of ‘fuck you’s’ and ‘i am done’s.’ i do not have the tolerance for stupid shit anymore. it is so fucking gone that i am surprised at how quickly the tide swept it out to sea once i let it go. i don’t have to be a good daughter, a good neighbor, a good play by the rules kind a girl. because i am a fucking adult and i can say, fuck you, fuck off and fuck that.

don’t like me? don’t care. don’t like it? don’t care. don’t fuck with me, because that’s when shit happens. like my being mouthy. like my standing my ground. like holding you accountable. like cutting cords and burning bridges and walking away while flicking the fucking match over my shoulder and spitting out the taste of kerosene that’s in my mouth, which i sprayed all over everything before i walked away.

fuck. you. fuckers. think you’ll chase me away? not. fucking. likely.

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4 Responses to pissy moods are created

  1. Liras says:

    Rude people, users and bullies suck major sweaty balls.

    I am all for bridge burning. The higher the flames, the better. Blaze it all the fuck up.

  2. Marty says:

    My that is a pissy mood! I hope you set the fuckers right. And none too gently

  3. rougedmount says:

    I had reached my limit and I stood my ground and all hell hit the fan. I don’t often draw lines in the sand, but when I do, I’m willing to get bloody over defending it. Unfortunately, things got real…and of course because I was in the right, it resulted in the ‘injured’ party suffering and being extremely angry because of it..oh ..fucking..well.

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