shift work and shaft work

he said nothing as he slipped naked into my bed. i turned towards his cool body as his hands slid up my ribs to cup the heavy fullness of a breast, as he lifted it towards his eager mouth. his lips fastened over my puckered areola as he drew the nipple deeply towards the back of his throat, suckling hard and nuzzling in  erotic awareness of the softness his shadowed beard was rasping against.

arching into it, i silently demanded he suck harder, which he immediately complied with while using his other hand, wrapped around my hip to slide up my naked back and press gently, bringing me forward and pressing my breast harder towards his mouth. I could feel his cock hardening against my leg. The sheer weight of it, arousing me as I visualized how beautiful his big erection is once fully engorged.

i wriggled away from his mouth and touch; shimming down the length of his body, breasts dragging over his hairy form, as he shifted from his side to his back, as i inched my way  down his body, hands sliding over his groin and thighs, my own mouth searching for succor and towards the secret pillar of eroticism which was hidden from me by the darkness.

nails gently biting as my hand opened up as it moved over his upper thigh, so that i could cup his balls to gently knead them. i gently stroked the base of his shaft, almost as an afterthought, as i focused on the soft orbs, weighing them, molding them. my head was now on his stomach with my long hair trailing over his chest, draping over his side. i ran my cheek and nose against his shaft and felt it jump at the incidental contact. i felt his testicles contract on the palm of my softly clasped hand. i could feel his respiratory rate increase, with the positioning of my head.

i dragged my lips and tongue over his engorged head. i used my full lips to pull his foreskin and push it down as my mouth started to gently and far too softly, milk and stoke his cock. i used my hands to augment the gentle ministrations until it became torturous for him. His hips started to thrust. his cock seeking out more pressure and a faster cadence. all of which i prevented him from achieving by lifting away and pulling back on his balls, using them to guide the direction i wanted his cock to take.

he was struggling. his body was becoming taunt with the efforts at maintaining control. i could feel his stomach muscles tightening under my cheek. I could feel his quads bunching against my soft body and his glutes clench against my breasts. i could hear him pressing back against the pillows and his head tossing as he breathed heavily out of his nostrils, sounding like a bull ready to charge.

and that is when i took him hard in hand, stroking long from base to tip and used my mouth and tongue to do the same, but only on his head so that he received a tandem handjob and blowjob which brought gasps from his mouth as he received all the pressure and speed he had been aching for. it lasted long enough for him to catch his breath and realize what i was doing, before he flipped me to my back.

he entered my dripping wet pussy in one violent stoke of male dominance, so that his balls smacked my ass and he took back the control i had almost made him lose. he rammed me hard for 6 or 7 strokes, grunting his frustrations against my neck through clenched teeth; bulging biceps, shoulders and forearms, pushing me further underneath him, so that i could not escape from the pounding.

now it was me who was crying out and gasping. Left breathless and molten by the instant onslaught to sensitive and aroused flesh. he fucked me like a man who had been denied and teased which was the state i had purposefully pushed him to. there is nothing more arousing to me, than being used hard underneath a man who forgets himself  once he has gained entrance into your hot eager body. in those few seconds to minutes of feral coupling, he is the animal he keeps a tight rein on.

i revel in his loss of control. nothing makes me feel more alive, more like a woman, than having a man forget to be gentle with me, not care of he is hurting me or giving me pleasure. to make the only thing he is aware of, is his blind and driving hunger; his need to ejaculate fiercely inside of me so that his cum bursts from my body like a broken dam in epic waves of splashing virility.

he left me sleepy, tucked in, covered, well used and wet. quietly letting himself out after locking the door behind him before he drove home and the bed he shares with his wife.


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5 Responses to shift work and shaft work

  1. Paul says:

    You are a most welcome read I have timed myself over the months reading your different blogs on how long it takes me to acheive a full blown erection.This latest story on hands down. Very well done.

  2. Marty says:

    Somebody was happy!

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