women’s fragrance

i can’t say I am surprised at the number of men sniffing at my skirts and scenting the humid air, as the musky female scent of my damp body reaches them. there is something to be said about pheromones and natural, clean body odor which triggers a sexual response in the opposite sex. nothing is more arousing than a woman who smells like one, because most men want to taste her until he risks smothering

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3 Responses to women’s fragrance

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    A man should want to drown in the scent of a woman, to feel the effects of her pheromones as they assault his senses and eggs him into full sensory stimulation and provoking a desire for her. Some women hide their scent and are offended by it, covering a source of her allure with flowers soap and perfumes, or otherwise neutralize the one thing that’ll get a man’s attention faster than the ways he looks or dresses.

    They get rid of their body hair, which not only provides protection but can hold and concentrate her scent, sending out that form of non-verbal communication that we can’t and shouldn’t ever ignore as men.

    And the thrill is that no two women have the same scent; your scent is unique, like a fingerprint, and says so much about you and I could spent hours inhaling that scent and letting it inflame my passion and burn it’s imprint into my soul…

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