i am an addict to his sex

you are like the used and dirty needle that multiple addicts have injected themselves with until the edge was so ragged and blunt, they finally discarded it along with the other debris which collects along the creases and cracks of broken casements along the dirty ground, pushed by gusting winds and overlaid with the putrid stench of rotting garbage, in a deeply shaded alleyway.

and as much as i look at the dull glint of your pitted surface with feigned disgust, knowing the evil and unseen things which lurk there; with as much time that has passed since the last time i used and injected myself with your poison, which i crave with every ounce of my weak and hungry body, i would knowingly allow myself to sink into that blessed oblivion which only comes from your special brand of drug, all the while pretending like i had a choice.

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